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Top 20 songs of 2019

So, here we are - the end of the 2010s. For what will be, amazingly, the eleventh year running I am sitting down to consider the last 12 months in music. Since 2009 I have compiled a list of my 20 favourite songs each year. In 2018 I listened to less pop music than ever, so my list was half new songs I loved that year and half songs from musicals I'd seen. I'd sort of assumed that would be the trajectory of my life from then on: pop music would slowly become irrelevant to me and I would shrivel up and never feel excited about music ever again.

2019 was, on a macro level, pretty bad. Globally, nationally, generally, I think we can all agree that some shit went down. Not exactly one for the mantelpiece. On a music level, however..? Kind of great! For the first time in years, I listened to actual albums. Artists made entire collections of music I liked! What sorcery is this?

For my top 20, therefore, I'm going to choose songs from my favourite albums, and a few others that st…

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Top 20 songs of 2018