What would you do if you could do anything?

This tweet from the wonderful Emily Graslie just got me thinking about that question. What would I do if I could do anything?

I guess the question needs a few parameters, like defining the words 'do' and 'anything'. If I could do anything, I'd like to end world hunger, war and suffering, eradicate greed and self-interest from the world, encourage us all to live at one with nature, put resources towards helping the sick and the poor, solve the problems in the Middle East, and Africa and Korea, and save the tigers and the rhinos. Close SeaWorld. Cure cancer. Learn to fly.

But if I could do anything reasonably possible in my life, well, that's a more difficult question. I think I'd have to break it down some. There are plenty of things I wouldn't mind having in my life, and I guess now is the time to be attempting to work out how they are going to fit together.

At the moment I'm really into by the idea of working from home, having a little office downstairs where I can sit in leisurewear and work on projects at my own pace, in my own order, without distractions and with food easily available at all times. But on the other hand, I suspect that this may have been influenced by the fact that it's the first week back at work after Christmas and I really, really like being at home and really, really dislike getting up before the sun and dragging myself to the tube at dawn. I am aware that working from home is not all that realistic a career for those people who aren't columnists or vloggers or novelists or something.

So if it's not working from home, what is it? My ultimate goal in life has always been to be a novelist. I know that that's the dream for an awful lot of people, but books are published all time, and I really think that writing things that sound nice is (or used to be) something I was reasonably good at (N.B. I am not counting this blog in that!). I will write a novel. It doesn't even need to be published, but someday, some day, I will write a novel. I will print it and force my mother or my sister or my friends to read it.