Top 20 of 2014

I appreciate that this is a little late to be published, but I sort of spent the first few month of 2015 living what I guess you could call 'the unexamined life', if you wanted to be philosophical about it.

But anyway, here is my definitive list of the top 20 tracks of 2014, in the life of me.

1 | Blank Space - Taylor Swift
2 | New Romantics - Taylor Swift
There is a bit of a recurring theme here in the list, as there always tends to be in years ending in an odd number, i.e. when T-Swiz releases an album. You already know how I feel about these tracks...
3 | Don't - Ed Sheeran
4 | Yellow Flicker Beat - Lorde
"I got my fingers laced together and I made a little prison and I'm locking up anyone who ever laid a finger on me. I'm done with it."
5 | Don't Tell 'Em - Jeremih
6 | What Happened To Your Band? - McBusted
One day, I might write about my relationships with other things in pop culture, and tell the story of 14-year-old me, and Charlie, Matt and James, but until that happens, you can just rest assured that I was a biiiit of a Busted fan. I don't think fandoms had names back then, and, as far as I can recall, it was an entirely analogue relationship, with CDs and Smash Hits and Sneak magazines, and setting alarms for TV shows they were on. So basically, McBusted in 2014 was a big effing deal for me. When this song came out, it was like the emotions of a decade ago were reawakened. <3 <3 <3
7 | Air Guitar - McBusted
8 | You Are Your Monther's Child - Conor Oberst
When I was 16, Bright Eyes were my new Busted, and this little song is just wonderful.
9 | XO - Beyonce
10 | Zombie - Jamie T (he's BACK)
11 | Shake It Off - Taylor Swift
12 | Blame It On Me - George Ezra
13 | Night Changes - One Direction (that video though...)
14 | Burn - Ellie Goulding
15 | Counting Stars - One Republic
We sang a medley of Burn and Counting Stars in my choir this year, and it was really lovely, and so much fun to sing!
16 | All Of Me - John Legend
17 | Thinking Out Loud - Ed Sheeran (THAT video though!! p.s. nearly 400m views?! Come on, world.)
18 | Take Me To Church - Hozier
19 | Money On My Mind - Sam Smith
In February of 2014, I went to the O2 to see Taylor Swift on the RED Tour, and she had been bringing musicians from the local area on stage to duet with her on each night of the tour, so we were prettty excited to find out who it would be. She brought out some guy I'd only slightly heard of, to sing a song I barely knew, and it was a bit of a let-down, but my sister swore he'd be the next big thing. In February of 2015, that guy won 4 Grammys. Well done, Taylor (and sister). Well done.
20 | Dangerous Love - Fuse ODG feat. Sean Paul