Taylor Swift's Clean Speech, London, June 2015

Before playing the amazing 'Clean' at her sell-out concert in Hyde Park on Saturday 27th June 2015, Taylor Swift gave the following speech:

I have been thinking a lot lately about how hard it is to feel good about ourselves in 2015. Real talk. I mean every single day we go online - and trust me, I love the Internet, okay, love it, but - every day we go online and we scroll through the highlight reel of other people's awesome lives. But we don't see the highlight reel of our awesome lives. All we see is the behind-the-scenes of our lives. We see every single moment, from when we wake up and we're like, "Oh God, not feelin' my hair today, it's not gonna be a good day today for the hair." You see your doubts; you see your fears; you see your concerns. You're the only one that's inside your brain, feeling all of your anxieties, and the voices that are telling you that you can't be who you want to be, or that you're not who you want to be, or that you want to be more like that other person over there. 
Let me tell you, people are mean to each other, but no voices are as mean as our own voices are to ourselves. Is it true or is it false? It's true, right?
Okay, so if there's one thing that you come away from this night remembering, I want it to be this: every day, when you look in the mirror, and your mind is telling you all the things you are not, if those things are, "You're not cool enough, you're not pretty enough, you're not popular enough, you're not successful enough, you're not wanted, you're not unique," those are not  the things you are not.
Let me tell you the things you are not, okay? You are not somebody else's opinion of you, that's what you're not. You are not going nowhere just because you are not where you want to be yet. You are not damaged goods just because you have made mistakes in your life. Those are the things you're not.
Let me tell you the things that you are. Would you like to hear the things that you are?
You are you own definition of beautiful, and worthwhile, and no-one else's definition. You are wiser, stronger and smarter because you've made mistakes in your life, not damaged.
And lastly, London, England, you are someone who is probably standing here tonight going through your own battles, fighting your own ghosts, trying to cover your own scars, stressing about your own stresses, but, rather than wallowing in them, you got up, you put on an awesome outfit, and now we're all standing here together having the night of our lives at a concert on a Saturday night! That's what you are!
And I've realised that it's not about being perfect, it's not about feeling perfect. I think that sometimes it's just about getting on with things, and after a while, you look around and you realise that you're happy, today. And that's all that matters. And, um, I just want you to know that one thing I have learned in 25 years - and I'm still learning - is that if you get rained on, you walk through a bunch of storms, life is constantly coming at you, that doesn't make you damaged. It makes you clean.

I kind of wish I could listen to this every morning before I get up. I really needed to hear this last summer, and I'm sure everybody could do with hearing it at some point.

And I am happy, today.