BBC One's 'Bodyguard': some theories and a lot of questions

Source: BBC

BBC One's Bodyguard, created and written by Jed Mercurio, was the most-watched drama premiere in the UK since 2006, so last weekend I finally caught up with the first three episodes. It's a heady mix of great writing, beautiful people giving brilliant performances, authentic scene-setting (BBC broadcasters playing themselves all over the place), realistic...ish contemporary fears, and a smattering of flashy, unrealistic melodrama. It's confusing, thrilling and I completely love it. Last night's fourth episode gave us even more intrigue than ever and I have THEORIES.

To give a quick summary on the off-chance you haven't seen it - which, if that's you, go and watch it! - Keeley Hawes is Julia Montague, the controversial Home Secretary, and Richard Madden is PS David Budd, her Principal Protection Officer and a former soldier who is covering up both his PTSD stemming from his difficult experiences in Afghanistan and also maybe his resentment towards the government for their role in the conflict. They start a relationship (or do they?) while terror attacks and assassination attempts are raining down around them (or are they?!).

Now you know all you need to know (you don't), here are my theories so far...

I'm open to the idea that Julia might not be dead, if someone is protecting her to keep her safe, but I think on balance that she probably is.

David tampered with his own gun, because he knew he might try to hurt himself or Julia, and doesn't remember. I may have watched too much Mr Robot, but this one feels obvious.

Poor Tahir was set up (obviously).

Julia's former aide was fired to make room for Tahir's set-up, and the journalist she met with will remember that meeting and uncover the whole thing. Or maybe the aide herself... Why did she have such a fancy car? Not a clue.

The attacks are coming from inside the government, from the PM, cynically taking advantage of an atmosphere of fear stoked by the unsuccessful train attack. David's sniper friend was maybe encouraged by an undercover agent who's infiltrated the veterans' group they were talking about in the first episode.

Vicki's new man is also an undercover agent and in on it.

The briefcase was normal documents, and the explosion wasn't from the briefcase at all. I have no suggestions on where it actually was from though.

I'm out.

Okay, so it turns out I don't have all that many theories, and those are mostly just stating plot points that have already happened... Some questions then:

  • Why did the aide have such a fancy car?
  • Who is doing this?! Fundamentally, I have no idea what's going on.
  • When is someone going to ensure David gets the serious help he needs?
  • Who deleted the CCTV footage? (Again, maybe David?)
  • Who is Richard Longcross and what was happening that night at Chequers?
  • Where did the explosion come from?
  • What did Kim see or know?
  • How is it that hard to identify the body of a former soldier?
  • Did Julia and David really fall for each other, or were they just manipulating each other, or both?
  • Is David's involvement a coincidence? In the grand scheme of things he's relatively unimportant compared to a government coup attempt and political assassinations, and yet he's clearly embroiled in it somehow. Like I said, too much Mr Robot is leading me to feel like maybe even he doesn't know the extent of his own involvement yet...

Bodyguard is a six-part series with a 90 minute finale so we've got two and half luxurious hours left to see where it goes and find out how outrageously incorrect our theories are and who's left at the end!

Me, confidently, the whole time I'm watching Bodyguard: